Real estate management and operation

Rotex Company offers a package solution for technical real estate operation. Our solutions help to reduce building maintenance and utility system costs significantly and to prevent accidents.

Our company has a proven track record in the field of technical service and operation of the following real estate segments:

Industrial real estate

  • Executive and production facilities;
  • Non-core assets;
  • Restricted access facilities;

Municipal real estate

  • Authority facilities;
  • Cultural and education facilities;

Commercial real estate

  • Office facilities (business centers, etc.);
  • Trade facilities (retail shopping and entertainment malls);
  • Warehouse and logistic parks;
  • Hotel facilities (HoReCa);

Residential real estate

  • Residence buildings and centers;
  • Cottage settlements;
  • Country mansions;

Real Estate management is a an operation package solution

Real estate daily management:

  • Site administratorship;

Full maintenance support:

  • Technical monitoring and maintaining of building life-support systems;

Infrastructure management;

  • Department coordination for smooth functioning;

We offer full-cycle real estate services.

Copies of company licenses and сertificates are in “company profile” section