Professional coverall and uniform care

Rotex Company provides services of cleaning and maintenance of coverall and PPE.

Coverall is included into a package of benefits and is guaranteed by the labour legislation of the Russian Federation. The services we offers allow our clients to reduce costs, to prolong coverall life, to provide a high level of safety and to fulfill personnel working environment.

Quality uniform

A perfect and high-quality coverall is an essential element of company’s corporate identity as also a mandatory element of a package of benefits gauaranteed by the Russian labour legislation.

Professional maintenance service of coverall offered by Rotex company allows to prolongate a coverall life, to provide a personnel safety and finally to reduce the client’s costs.

Professional services


  • Our company deals professionally with coverall contaminated with different hazardous substances: high-tech equipment, effective chemical agents and trained staff.Coverall Rental Our rental program delivers quality weatherproof coverall made of foreign-origin textile and garment accessories