Corporate catering

Rotex catering quality system includes the selection of suppliers, laboratory quality control and the supervision over compliance with sanitary regulations and requirements throughout product production and realization stages.

Services provided

Rotex Company offers the following catering services:

  • Catering for office personnel – lunch delivery;
  • VIP – customized catering service for middle and top management;
  • Snack-bar arrangements including snacks, sandwiches, cakes, etc.;
  • Delicatessen shop organization and catering service of semifinished products and home-made confectionery;
  • Catering at business negotiations, exhibitions, symposiums and seminars;
  • Catering at a production site;
  • Outside catering;
  • Event management (banquets, stand-up meal, corporate parties and BBQ).

Main potentials and benefits


  • High-quality catering arrangements;
  • Additional catering services – VIP, banquets, events;
  • Cost-saving for catering service;
  • Company’s departments relief;
  • HR; Accountancy;
  • Procurement;
  • Simplification of client’s procedures.


  • Advantages Trained and Certifies Personnel;
  • Healthy foods;
  • Smooth-running operation;
  • Wide assortment;
  • High-speed service rate – reduced lunch time.