Cleaning services

Rotex Company offers a full package of services performed by highly qualified specialists with the involvement of high tech equipment and tools. 

The cleaning services package includes full-service cleaning: wet cleaning of office facilities, chem-dry carpet cleaning, furniture and office machines cleaning.

Full-cleaning service includes office clear-out, cleaning after repair and construction works. It also includes building sides, roof, windows cleaning, construction waste disposal, etc.

Rotex company is in charge of building maintenance, including utility infrastructure upkeep, housekeeping of surroundings, landscaping and infrastructure development, removal of domestic waste and snow.

Ultra-high quality service

Housekeeping of indoor premises

  • Daily and overall facilities cleaning;
  • Cleaning after repair, construction and finishing works;
  • Carpet, furniture and louvre-boards dry-cleaning;
  • Ceiling cleaning;
  • Machine floor cleaning (linoleum, tile, granite, ceramic granite, marble, self-leveling toppings);
  • Natural stone covering maintenance;
  • Pavement and linoleum restoration;

Exterior building cleaning

  • Building side and window cleaning;
  • Snow and ice removal form roof;
  • Decontamination of industrial facilities;

Surroundings maintenance:

  • All year machine and manual cleaning of large areas;
  • Green planting management;
  • Household waste removal;
  • Landscaping and infrastructure development;
  • Landscape gardening;

Sanitary arrangements:

  • Disinfection, deratization, desinfectation;
  • Green planting and environment protection;